Wednesday, September 19th  YOTME NPAC FUNDRAISING PARTY

Why is NPAC Participating:  Yotme is a newly developing social network which has added a non-profit support component to their platform.  Yotme has offered to host a party to help raise money and awareness for the Newport Performing Arts Center. They have offered to cover the costs of the venue (Barry Hinkley’s Home), the food (with vendors who are in town with the PS Food & Wine Festival) and the entertainment.  Tickets are $90, will all proceeds from the ticket sales going to NPAC. This event provides the opportunity to introduce NPAC to a new, young audience and expand our patron and donor base. Theater Seat Naming Ops will be promoted.

Event Description:  75 Guests will be welcomed int Barry Hinkley’s home for an evening of drinks, hors d’oeuvres, an introduction and update by NPAC, and an evening of Italian Arias sung by opera singer Greta Feeney.

Date: Wednesday, September 19th  2018

Time:   6pm to 8:30pm

Host: YOTME / Barry Hinkley


Location: 46 Houston Ave, Newport, RI 02840 (Home of Barry Hinkley)

Entertainment: Gretta Feeney

NPAC Presenters:  Kristin Macmannis / John Cratin / Andrea Rounds

Ticket Price:       $90.00 (plus $6 processing fee)

Attendance:        75 people

Promotions:      Yotme network

                             NPAC Facebook

NPAC Board members – Facebook & emails

NPAC “NextGen” email list

COSTS:  no cost to NPAC

NPAC Point Person: Melissa Quinn

BSF Point Person: Bridget Beer

Materials needed :

NPAC Brochures

Theater Seat Set -Up & display

Theater Seat Banner

“Who do you want to see on the NPAC stage?  Survey forms

Fold up Easels & OH Renderings / posters

Video set up for showing NPAC powerpoint or video (if desired)